DVC 14000 Model- Digital Video Colposcope


One such extent to protect women is video colposcopy. Digital video colposcope is a medical diagnostic device that is used to examine an enlightened view of tissues of the cervix.

Although video colposcopy is very helpful in detecting anomalies in the cervix and could protect the woman's health as well, an even more vital facets of the process is the check-up. Here, it is very vital to take into attention the lifestyle of the woman so she could be appropriately advised on activities that might bring her closer to the peril of developing cervical complexities.

Our DVC 14000 digital video colposcope device is specially made for better diagnosis. Upgrading your hospitals or labs with new clinical colposcopes device is a best choice to carry out different colposcopy procedure with comfort.


   Features of DVC 14000 Video Colposcope System are as Follow

HD Technology with 3D perception
Remote Control
Morphological Filter E-Flip, Mirror image
Auto focus and manual focus
CMOS High Resolution Sensor from Sony Japan
Aspect Ratio 16:9
720 P Progressive Scanning Lines
Real time image display @ 50 frames/second for the greater visibility
USB output, No need of capture card
Latest Digital Matrix Processor
Display of genuine tissue color and tone
Corner to Corner Uniform Brightness
Original Borze Software for automatic screening & reporting
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