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Office Hysteroscopy System


Your physician or doctor might suggest an office hysteroscope device to check for abnormal bleeding, as they are especially recommended to check for problems with the uterus that might cause infertility.

A hysteroscopy system is used to look at the lining of your womb. This could be performed by slowly inserting a little tool known as a hysteroscopy device into the vagina, through the cervix and into the uterus. The hysteroscopic device has a camera with light that can be attached to a video screen so your doctor or physician can clearly see your uterus.

During hysteroscopy procedure, your physician or doctor might also take a sample of uterine tissue that will be examined under a microscope to check for an underlying condition. An office hysteroscopy system is often paired with a laparoscopy system to better address a specific fertility problem.

Our office hysteroscopy devices are specially made for better diagnosis. Upgrading your hospitals or labs with new clinical office hysteroscopy system is a best choice to carry out different hysteroscopy process with comfort.


   Features of Office Hysteroscope Device are as Follow

Sensor:CCD 1/4' high sensitivity
Resolution (752 x 582) PAL - (768 x 494) NTSC
Definition : 470 lines
Sensitivity : 2 lux
Automatic White balancing
Video enhancement
Electronic anti-more filter for flexible fiberscope
Automatic saving of the adjustment parameters
2 control buttons
Cable length : 3 meters, 0:5mm
1 USB 2.0 output
Waterproof camera head
Size of the sensor : L= 87; 0= 30mm
Weight of the sensor : 210g
Power supply : 5VDC
Power consumption : 2.5 VA
Led technolgy
Nominal power : 35 W (light intensity of a 100W xenon light source)
Color temperature : > 4800 Degree K
LED lifetime 50,000 hours
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